Writing Process-Blog Post #1

Although systemically different depending on the genre, style of writing and topic that is provided for me, the ultimate end product of my writing process contains hints of writing characteristics unique to my style of writing. If I am given a writing piece that provides a series of prompts that I can chose from, my process for writing this piece will start by creating a web. This web will contain a rough outline for each individual prompt, followed by a series of ideas that I have stimulated around the provided topic. Ultimately, I will weigh the pros and cons for each prompt. It is here where I will look for which approach I can take that will best suit incorporating my personal voice. Utilizing my own voice in my writing is undoubtedly what distinguishes me from other writers. It is here where my thoughts connect pen and paper, and I can write something that only I am capable of producing. After picking from the web the piece that I believe will employ my personal voice most directly, I will begin to produce my product. I like to write my entire piece in one sitting, however, my thought process for this piece does not end here. I will constantly be thinking about my first draft as I participate in my daily activities. It is here where I can reflect upon what I have written, as ideas are constantly ready to be manipulated and edited. If I capture a new angle or idea, I will quickly jot it down, making sure to have it ready for when I go back to write my final piece. After 2-3 days after completing my rough draft and having mulled over any points of emphasis that I feel should be reviewed again, alas, I will sit down and write my final piece. I believe this writing process is imperative in creating not only adequate products, but also ones that identify with you as the author. It is really important for me during my writing process to have that “off” period of a couple days where I am not directly sitting down and editing my piece, but instead I am tackling new ideas that I may try to include in my final draft.


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