Reverse Outlining-East Indian

East Indian-Reverse Outline



-Epicurean traveler–about 50 year old, short Indian man

-Does not resemble his Trinidad heritage


-Paragraph 1:

-Ethnicity is questioned–claimed to be a “Red Indian”


-Paragraph 2:

-Discusses his background on plane–journalist, 4th time on an airplane


-Paragraph 3:

-Questioned again when he hands passport, states he is from Trinidad, however the concierge looks him up and down multiple times


-Paragraph 4:

-Offered meat, turns it down–passenger laughs and proceeds to eat/drink


-Paragraph 5:

-Passenger discusses his strict rules at home, however because he is away he does not follow—does his culture change when he is away from home?


-Paragraph 6:

-Distinguishes that despite the fact that they have been separated by thousands of miles, their culture still rings true to this day. He appreciates the fact that he has remained so loyal to his traditions.


-Paragraph 7:

-There is a distrust between the colonial and the immigrant, has been this way for centuries


-Paragraph 8:

-Brief history about India. How they were once a colony of Great Britain, how they remain active in the Caribbean. Creates a divide between the culture.


-Paragraph 9:

-Deciphering what to call “immigrants.” Do you refer to them by their religion?


-Paragraph 9:

-Description of what life is like in Bengal. Illustrates the differences between spring and winter, how these changes in season reflect people’s outlooks on life


-Paragraph 10:

-Trinidad and it’s history, their struggle to gain independence and become accepted



-Draws parallels back to his meeting with the Indian from the plane. Despite their diverse lifestyles and choices, they are from the same society and have a strong connection with one another


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