Reflection “5 Broken Cameras” Documentary Review

This assignment was the first movie review I had written before, so to say the least it was extremely difficult. I did not necessarily know what to include in a movie review, so I tried my best to provide a sufficient amount of summary along with an analysis of that summary. My first draft did a successful job of analyzing the movie, don’t get me wrong, however it did not do any justice in “reviewing” the film. I have never been one to read movie reviews, I dictate my decisions to watch movies based on the trailers. That being said, writing a review was unlike any form of writing I had done in the past. I went through the process of writing this piece as follows.

As I mentioned earlier, my first draft had been more of an analysis than a review. I had a thesis in my first draft, and I tried to find specific examples or scenes from the documentary to supplement my thesis. This is not what a movie review is. I did not include any personal voice (and for that matter include any personal pronouns) and I did not include any persuasion. Both of these are vital in any successful movie review. After meeting with the Emory Writing Center twice, I was able to eliminate much of the unnecessary analysis I had included in my piece. I revised my thesis to be more of a central focus of my piece, not so much a thesis. Not every scene I mentioned in my review had to relate directly to the thesis, rather it connected more to my overall thoughts on why I liked the film.

This piece definitely helped me as a writer because it forced me to work outside my comfort zone. Instead of analyzing a text or a piece of literature, something that I am very accustomed to in an English class, I was forced to provide a little bit of my own personal touch and flare. I believe that this opened my eyes to using my personal voice in an effort to persuade an audience, something that is new for me and something I would like to work on during future writing assignments.


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