Final Project Proposal/Abstract


The topic of research that I would like to pursue pertains to one simple question: How do physical borders separate communities and define individuals? “Simple,” however, may not be the correct word to describe such a question. This proposal for research is in fact very complex with a lot of underlying variables that may influence the answer. For example, why was the border built in the first place? Does the border divide two communities that were once connected? Or even, does the border divide two separate nations from years of hostility between one another? I believe that there are two kinds of borders in this world, physical and mental. Mental borders are much more individualized. They do not affect an entire community, rather an individual’s thoughts and perceptions of life. Researching mental borders would be very introverted and difficult to grasp entirely. Physical borders on the other hand have been seen throughout history and have impacted our world greatly. One prominent issue in today’s society conflicting the United States is its border with Mexico. This relates to immigration, a heavily debated topic in which the border is a centralized point of discussion. I believe by researching physical borders and how they have impacted separate societies will be pivotal in understanding differing cultures. We may be able to understand what culture would be like if a border was not built to divide two separate nations. The concept of a physical border and its effects can be confusing to understand. Through my research, I plan on learning more about a border’s impact on society and what we can learn from its impact.


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