Reflection Letter Outline

Paragraph 1:

  • Discuss my initial thoughts on the course
    • Whether I was excited or not
    • My previous experiences in English courses
    • What was I intended on getting out of the course at the end of the semester

Paragraph 2:

  • Overall experience/thoughts on this year’s class
    • What I learned about myself as a writer
    • My switch from long over-exaggerated writing to clearer and more brief work
    • Do I feel my writing has improved

Paragraph 3:

  • Borders
    • My initial thoughts on borders before taking this course
    • How/what made my definition change
    • My new definition of borders and how they impact individuals

Paragraph 4:

  • 5 Broken Cameras
    • Discuss the writing process for this documentary review
    • Had never written a movie review, let alone a documentary review before
    • Discuss going to the Writing Center twice, what they taught you/said you should revise
    • The amount of work/effort you put into the piece
    • Even had your parents read it
    • Final draft
      • How you came about deciding what to keep in and what to take out from rough
      • Do you believe borders impact Israel and Palestine/how do they?

Paragraph 5:

  • Final research project
    • Thoughts on multimodal
      • Do they convey your thesis more clearly
  1. Thoughts on using story maps for the first time
  • Difficulties with the software
    • Had to visit the ECDS twice
  1. Overall did the project convey messages about borders impacts on communities

Paragraph 6:

  • Conclusion
    • How proud you are of your work
    • How you’ve grown as a writer
    • Borders have helped you see how communities and people interact in a different light
    • Final overarching theme

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